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The Outfit Of the day section is open for worldwide collaborators.

We are looking for high quality imagery and offer a few pointers to what we are looking for:

-Long Lens-
By utilising a long lens, such as 2-300mm, a shorter depth of field will make the subject in focus,
background and foreground out of focus.
A classic technique to ensure the talent stays in focus and attention in the image.
It will also retain depth in imagery.
ParisSS15Day8-0469.jpeg 105656-800w.jpg chanel_iman.jpg

Full length shots or three quarter crops are best, front and back

-Short depth of field-
Using a fixed lens with large aperture, such as F2.8 or better, a short dept of field will also be achievable.
Gaining the same effect and can work better in a busy city environment.

-Simple Backgrounds-
Using simple backgrounds to retain focus on beautiful fashion and people.

In cities and built up areas.
Look for gaps between buildings where sun shines through.
Creating contrast that makes the subject pop from the background.
karlie-kloss-by-hans-feurer-for-vogue-paris-march-2012-2.jpg Hans Feurer.jpg
On scenes where there is room using the sun as a backlit source can create more dramatic and beautiful images.

If you are in a city using a wall where the sun bounces back to fill light on the face can be something to look for.

-Catching Moments-
Work towards a close dialogue with the subject, catching moments of expression.
a9cee93a0746a43e340426dc6d428352.jpeg angelalindvall.jpg Unknown-1.jpg Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 09.15.09.png

Details and Expressions make great photos to accompany a set of wider image of the outfits.

And show us some details with a Closeup of that amazing bag, shoe or necklace the model is wearing!

Important: Fashion credits, for what the model is wearing! Social media Handles and relevant hash tags!

PS: No Selfies in OOTD!

(If you "really love" selfies you know where you can post them..)

Images have to be recent and can not be previously published, on own website or elsewhere.

After image are published by Fashion Fanzone they can be freely used on personal websites and social media.