Going through the androgynous style in male fashion

It is true that some aspects of what it was considered "masculine" in the last decades are still present in male fashion, but with the new generations blurring out the line between male and female looks it's more common to see men breaking the old gender norms.

Starting with the metrosexual trend some years ago with role models from the TV or magazines just like David Beckham (a remarkable male fashion icon) more young men began to be interested in their appearance, looking for a more neat and t style. Of course in a male dominant society this trends were seen as a synonymous of homosexuality that was/is a taboo for most of the people, causing discomfort and disgust.

Further on with the origin of the grunge styles with longer hairstyles and eyeliners, men started to add this elements to their fashion; Kurt Cobain was an example, with his idea of leaving behind the concept of the men who can't cry or use more "femenine" clothes without questoning their sexuality.

Cover for THE FACE magazine

With these movements, people wanted to avoid gender stereotypes, althought women stand out in this topic due to the new ideal of female empowerment, men started to leave behind the old concept of the rude men who doesn't care abouthow he looks, making way to a new thought of a men who can feel comfortable with themselves and look good.

Photo for Louis Vuitton

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