Illustration “The secret of fashion”

Fig.1 "pretty".2016, Ross Sandoval

Author: Ross Sandoval

Fig. 2 “Romántica Histórica”.1878, Beatriz Manrique

Throughout art history, fashion has relied on illustration to communicate styles and feelings. Culture and technology have changed the design process been an a illustration has adapted; by combining the traditional and organic styles with digital techniques.

According to COUTUREONPAPER 2012, In the late 1800s and early 1900s, fashion illustration reflected the strict society at that time. The work of Charles Dana Gibson, his creation of "Gibson Girl" wich reflects the Victorian woman. Has been known due to Paul Poiret who was one of the most creative of the twentieth century, had more detailed and colored illustrations.

Fig. 3 Portada Vogue.1920, S.D.

According to COUTUREONPAPER 2012, In 1920 magazines like Vogue and Harper's Bazaar began to use the illustration as a method to promote fashion news. Coco Chanel revolutionized the world of fashion.

The era of 50's - 60's stood out for using "pop art" and modern styles. In the 50's Andy Warhol was a magazine shows ilustator. An the other hand, photography began to be a trend in magazines, reason why the illustration lost it’s protagonism.

Now a days illustrators often collaborate in fashion illustration, creating pieces for exhibitions in museums, some people considereth are collectibles and to other  spectators they are rare draw. Usually the design talks to the fashion illustrator and takes the design to him so he can interpret it, giving meaning to it.

Fig. 4 Megan Hess, S.D.

Fig. 5  Britany Fuson, S.D.

The fashionable illustration eventually became art, which adorns magazines, advertising, galleries, and houses. Currently, they use this type of artwork as decoration and exhibit at events such as fashion week or museums specializing in “haute couture”.

The sketches may look strange to some people, I consider fashion to be interpreted in a personal way; what you like others may not like. You just have to see the detail of each piece, whether organic or digital, the fashion illustration is a world worth exploring. Fashion is difficult to understand but speaking as an illustrator it’s enriching to be able to work this kind of pieces.




“To be irreplaceable, one must be different.”

-Coco Chanel.


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Fig.1 "pretty".2016, Ross Sandoval

Fig. 2 “Romántica Histórica”.1878, Beatriz Manrique

Fig. 3 Portada Vogue.1920, S.D.

Fig. 4 Megan Hess, S.D.

Fig. 5 Britany Fuson, S.D.

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