SS17: How to survive this season stylish & manly

By Mikey Guy


Let’s face it. Most men don’t take so much care of their appearance, even in the 21st century, when males have become more confident about looking stylish and accepting the idea of introducing some fashion into their daily lives.

It’s reasonable: Men consider a  priority to feel comfortable with the clothes they wear, at least over choosing an outfit based on trends or excessively fashionable designs. They just look at the displays and make decisions based on how manly they’ll be after the purchase. Some of them avoid certain colors or trends because they are afraid of looking feminine, uncool or soft among their friends and dudes, but hey! There are a lot of options to choose from on this SS17 that will make men look not only awesome, but with a rough manly touch. So, let’s take a look on how to survive this season without losing comfort.


At first glance you might think this trend is outdated, but wider look you can find it very interesting. Camouflage and military patterns often appear in different styles and garments, so there’s a plenty of choices. And, the best part of all is that they will also give you the manly touch you’re looking for. Never underestimate military prints!

Oriental Graphics

The exotic air of foreign oriental countries (and their symbols) is also an audacious feature you must try this SS17. Asian based prints and patterns (like kanji, tigers, dragons, etc.) will give you the extra punch of manliness, not a feminine look, but the cool aura of an eighties movie martial artist.

Ripped up & Decorative Denim

Although, unwashed and skinny jeans remain this season, the main feature for male denim clothes on this SS17, goes on ripped up jeans and decorative denim garments. An option that should be considered for a male wardrobe. Don’t want to feel uncomfortable into skinny jeans? Try to use loose jeans but keep the ripped up feature.


Softer colors will also be your allies this season. You should really consider including one or two garments with pastel tones this SS17. Don’t be afraid to look feminine on them, cause the color spectrum is so wide you’ll find masculine but softer tones that will suit you perfectly.  

Floral Patterns

Again, don’t feel uneasy to use intrepid motifs like florals. This feature survives one more year, but it comes with darker and interesting patterns that surely will catch your eye. Come on! Let’s give them a try, wear them with a proper combination, they won’t look as feminine as it seemed.



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