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I am Francisco Rojas, I was born in Venezuela a beautiful country with many incredible elements in all senses and global known as the Country with the most beautiful women. Since I was a child I always showed my passion for arts including painting, photographs, modeling, acting and designing. I completed part of my education there while at the same time I was working and planning how to explore my horizons in other countries such as Spain, England, and Switzerland.
I walked in several runway shows ( Fashion ) in the last five years in The US including NY Fashion week , AC Fashion week , Philadelphia Fashion week , also I walked in several fashion shows while I was living in my country also did commercial and print jobs. I participated in the competition for Mr. Venezuela in 2004 which gave me more inspiration about focusing on modeling. I left my country ten years ago and moved to Europe where I dedicated most of my time to my education and practicing my talent and passion for painting and interior designer.
For a few years I stopped thinking about my talent in the modeling and acting business and I thought in doing something different such as continuing studying sciences which expanded my knowledge and let me explore other interests.
As a Talented individual I consider myself someone who can practice and do multiples activities related with the arts. My artistic eye and sense of style allow me to give the best of me. I’m working in the modeling business and preparing myself as a business man with the goal of opening my own business, which will be in the Culinary field. I plan on combining my many talents and experiences from my many travels and educational background to create unique experiences for my customers.
Every day of my life I first thank God for a new day and the opportunity to be in this world making myself the best person I can be with multiple talents and trying to catch the sense of very human been and transmitting positive feelings to all around me. In this life nothing is impossible because the impossible are the things that we like but we don’t try to reach.

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